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Service Tips for Water Heaters

The water that enters the water heater tank must be clean and healthy, which is odorless and non-turbid, besides that it must also be free from small particles such as limestone, stone and sand because these elements can clog the waterways so that they can damage the water device heater, To overcome this problem, it is better to install a filter or filter on the water channel before the water enters the heating tank to filter out the particle particles. If you need propane gas for your water heater, you can visit propane sumter sc.

Check the condition of the device at least once every three months including:
– Check Valve control/knock
– Electricity
– Perform cleaning that is adjusted to how often we use it if you use it everyday cleaning is done every three months. the cleaning process is carried out by experienced technicians. The water storage tank on the water heater that uses electricity is cleaned by draining all water, cleaning the outermost parts of the unit, and the components inside it to be free from mineral deposits.

Check the Safety Valve (the safety of the excess pressure on the tank which functions to keep the water temperature in the tank stable) regularly. To prevent clogging, push the Valve lever regularly so that water can flow.

Install multiple security by placing the ELCB on the installation path before electricity enters the heating unit.

Drain the tank/tube this is done to clean the dirt on the inside of the tank. The dirt can disrupt the circulation of water, even if you use a shower because the hole in the shower is very small.

A common problem in water heaters is that the water does not flow out of the tap or shower, this is due to the clogging of the filter on both ends of the tool by small stones, moss, water crust. To overcome this, by removing the tip of the shower and cleaning the filter, the water will smooth again. In addition, other causes are stagnant water supply because the water supply is reduced, to anticipate it then make a reservoir and then channel it to the water heater, if necessary use a motor/booster pump.