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Is AC Inverter really saving electricity and good AC?

 Inverter AC is not cold or less cold? Well, these rumors began to circulate since the appearance of the first AC inverter. This happened because all AC Inverters at that time used Freon R410A which was environmentally friendly and no longer holes in the ozone. With trade-offs, the cold index number is lower than the non-inverter AC, which all brands still use R22. The Freon R410A on the cooling index is indeed less cold than the R22 especially the R32 that just appeared in January 2015 yesterday. Because consumers have become accustomed to using Air Conditioning Australia with Freon R22 since time immemorial. AC Inverters are more stable at maintaining room temperature because the compressor never dies during operation, unlike conventional air conditioners whose compressors are off-on. So one of the causes of AC Inverters is considered less cold because of differences in room temperature fluctuations that are only slightly compared to non-Inverter air conditioners.

So when we set the remote temperature at 25 degrees, as long as the AC PK is sufficient to cool the room, the room temperature will be between 23 to 27 degrees, whereas when using an AC Inverter, the room temperature will only be between 24-26 degrees. This is what causes users to feel their non-inverter air conditioners are cooler than AC using Inverter technology. If you use a non-inverter AC, the room temperature might reach 23 degrees. 2 degrees below the requested temperature … It just feels cooler. So it does not mean that the AC inverter is not cold? If you use an AC inverter you don’t need to turn off the air conditioner again at 4 am for example due to cold. Because the temperature we set on the remote will be much more stable there. AC Inverters last longer. This statement is totally wrong, it has something to do with the type of Freon used, but if the cooling problem is scientific, it should make the room cooler faster than the non-inverter air conditioner because it has a larger Btu.