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Standard Range of Electrical Installations Around the World

Worldwide there are no major standards in the use of voltage or voltage and frequency. An example is the number of times the direction of electric current changes per second, in the whole world, it is not the same value. Apart from that example, the shape, hole, and size of the plug and socket (socket) all over the world are not the same. Europe and almost all countries use a unit of voltage that is twice that of the United States, which is between 220 to 240 Volts. In America and Japan use a voltage unit between 100 and 127 Volt. Before that, if you have any electric problem, you can visit electrical repair singapore.

The power plant and the distribution of the 3 phase AC current system were discovered by a genius named Nicola Tesla. Tesla made various calculations and measurements carefully and found that the frequency of 60 Hz was the best frequency for producing AC electricity (back and forth). Tesla prefers to use 240 Volt, which in this way is very contrary to Thomas Alfa Edison, which uses a 110 Volt one-way (DC) current system.

When the AEG company from Germany built the first power plant in Europe, its engineers and engineers decided to correct the voltage frequency at 50 Hz, because 60 Hz did not match the standard order of the metric unit (1, 2, 5). At that time AEG also had a monopoly standard and system that quickly spread throughout the world. In the beginning, Europe also used the same voltage as the United States and Japan, 120 Volt. Then, an increase in voltage is deemed necessary to get more electricity by minimizing the loss and voltage drop of copper wire of the same diameter.

At the same time, the United States also wanted to change its electrical voltage system, but the United States decided not to make changes because of the cost of replacing all electrical equipment. At that time most residents of the United States had used electronic devices such as refrigerators, washing machines, and others. Then in the end it changed the electrical voltage system as a whole so that until now all electronic devices made in America use a 240 Volt voltage.