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5 Reasons for Snapchat Spectacles Glasses Suitable for Golfer

You certainly have heard about Snapchat Spectacles glasses. This limited number of golf accessories launched have the ability to record the results of your blows in the field while sending them to a smartphone with just one touch. Not only that, but these golf goggles are also claimed to change the habits of golfers and become a favorite accessory on the golf course. What are the reasons?

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1. Minimizing the incidence of losing the ball

How many balls have been lost because you lost the ball track? Snapchat Spectacles can reduce the risk of losing the ball because each ball is recorded in detail and you can look back at the recordings to see where the ball fell.

2. Can attend and record prestigious tournaments

Prestigious international tournaments such as The Masters and other professional tournaments usually prohibit viewers from taking photos or recording matches using a smartphone.
With Snapchat Spectacles, you can still get the best photos from ongoing tournaments without having to take your smartphone out of your pocket. Simply by wearing stylish design glasses and pressing the recording button, even important moments are not overlooked. Practical isn’t it?

3. There is no need to ask a friend for help recording a tee punch

When we turn to hit, sometimes we ask teammates to take notes on our blows. With Snapchat Spectacles, you don’t need to do that anymore. You can stay focused on the match and allow these smart glasses to record all of your blows.

4. Can look cool and stylish in the field

Not only sophisticated, but Snapchat Spectacles glasses also have a unique and modern design. These glasses can cover the eyes perfectly so that they are protected from sun exposure.
Using these glasses, you no longer need to use glasses for ancient cyclists. So, even if you don’t play well, you can still look cool wearing these smart glasses.

5. Record various punch tricks

Not a few golfers upload their game videos to social media. From ordinary golf punches, failing golf punches to unique and crazy golf blow you can watch easily. From there, you can also learn new tricks that you have never practiced before.