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Know the safe way of using gas for cooking

The position of the hose and regulator that is not installed properly is also often the cause of the explosion in the gas cylinder. Therefore, before turning on the gas stove, make sure the hose is installed properly on the regulator or stove. Also, make sure the regulator is properly installed at the mouth of the gas cylinder. If you hear a hissing or smelly gas, that means the regulator has not been installed properly. Repair the position first by pressing the control lever until you hear a “click” sound before you turn on the stove. Meanwhile, you may also need to check out the trusted propane tank exchange service as well.

Also, make sure the gas hose is not bent or pinched because it can cause the flow of gas from the tube to the stove to be blocked, which in turn can affect the flame. The hose that is bent or pinched can also make the hose easily brittle, break and leak gas. So before turning on the stove, don’t forget to always make sure the gas hose and regulator are properly installed.

Note the position of the stove and gas cylinder

Make sure you put the stove and gas cylinder in a place that is flat and sturdy. Because if it is placed on an uneven surface or on a pile of other objects, the gas cylinder may fall which causes the hose and regulator to be attracted to it to become loose. This regulator loosening can eventually cause the gas to come out, even if it’s not being used. So try to put a gas cylinder on a flat surface.

Use equipment with national standards.

Many gas cylinder explosions occur only because the equipment is used such as regulators, hoses, gas cylinders, and stoves that are not in accordance with national standards. Therefore, examine before buying. Make sure the equipment you buy is labeled national standard and not fake equipment. Don’t be easily tempted by cheap prices. It’s better to spend more money to buy genuine equipment but it’s safe to use, rather than buying equipment that is cheap but carries danger.