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Wifi Network Design Mistakes to Never Make

So why do you need a wifi site survey Toronto ? To get the right answer, you can continue reading this article. Hiring the right service provider can help you prevent making the mistakes in WiFi network design that might affect your network performance.

Wrong product

In the case you’ve plunged into the world of WiFi design alone (or without a trusted WiFi network design specialist advisor), then when it’s time to deploy and access your network, you might find things that don’t go according to plan. Hardware and security are the foundation of your network, so if you don’t use the right product, you won’t get the results you need.

Excessive use of access points

Making the decision of how much access points to buy your “space” might not be too difficult, but if it’s incorrectly calculated, it can have big implications for your WiFi network. It’s very common individuals to buy too many APs. Unfortunately, too many access points mean you have chance hamper the WiFi network you have. Think of having a building with 20 rooms, each with access points, all tuned to the same frequency. Then, when they are close another and operate on the same channel, they send messages to each other to reduce their signal strength. Well, you will have about twenty access points that are performing poorly.

Bad application

You have collaborated with engineers, above your floor plan, and received the latest hardware shipments that are ready to install. This is an important moment in your design process; Who do you trust to install the network that you have designed very carefully?

Whatever the brand wifi product you will choose from, make sure that nothing goes with even the mistake that seems so small but can lead to fatal effect. That’s why doing the research to get to know all about wifi connection and installation is more than important.